Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 NFL Playoff Prediction Battle Wild Card

Welcome to another year of HBFFL's annual NFL Prediction Battle, where we predict the outcome of each NFL playoff game by having midgets fight miniature lions. In a Colosseum.

But we couldn't afford that.

Instead we have myself Chris Cameron, Renal Failure, and the Unfinished Rambler going mano a mano a mano to see who can best predict the outcome of the NFL playoffs.

Here we go with the NFL Wild Card Round...

Jets vs. Colts

Renal Failure (RF): Last year Renal Failure was the ONLY team to pick the Jets to win their opening round game. Well, we're not going to do it again this year because Matt Sanchez has been dinged up and that Jets defense has looked way too vulnerable in recent weeks. Also, as much as we like Rex Ryan for being an utter madman, he cannot beat Peyton Manning.

Colts 27, Jets 17.

Unfinished Rambler (UR): Last year I chose who I thought would be the winners of the wild card games by mascots. This year I'm just going with my gut reaction for each game. Here, my gut says the Colts. No. 1 reason: Peyton Manning.

Colts 21, Jets 14.

Chris (Chris): Mark Sanchez develops a nasty foot fungus during the halftime locker speech and it totally grosses Rex Ryan out.

Colts 36, Jets 21.

Ravens vs. Chiefs

RF: We were going to pick the Ravens to win, but we said "No, let's be bold!" And being bold is why we are the People's Champion. And so by the power of Dwayne Bowe, we say that the Chiefs pull off the upset.

Chiefs 20, Ravens 17.

UR: Gut says Ravens based on D and RL, not on O, though.

Ravens 23, Chiefs 17.

Chris: The Chiefs take up the mantra of old time hockey, like Eddie Shore. But this is football.

Ravens 32, Chiefs 14.

Saints vs. Seahawks

RF: We like rooting for the underdog more than anyone on this blog, but the Seahawks did not get into the playoffs with grit and determination. They got in because they played in the weakest division ever and someone had to win it. Plus Drew Brees will be looking to reestablish the Saints as a serious contender after a regular season that made people believe New Orleans was a team to steal on.

Saints 45, Seahawks 13

UR: Super Bowl Champion defenders roll out the red carpet on what they hope to be their return to the championship...and might be. With Brees at the helm, Saints march over the Seahawks 38-17.

Saints 37, Seahawks 13

Chris: Pete Carroll mandates the practice squad dress up in three piece suits bearing the team colors and root on the team from the sideline with bullhorns and pom-poms.

Saints 37, Seahawks 3.

Packers vs. Eagles

RF: It's no secret that your People's Champ is an Eagles fan, however that Tuesday Night Minnesota game exposed how to beat the Eagles. And if anyone can exploit the Eagles weaknesses on defense, it's Aaron Rodgers. This one's a hard call to make, but you don't get to be the People's Champ without making hard decisions.

Packers 28, Eagles 24.

UR: Head says Packers, because after all, Aaron Rodgers was my quarterback this past season, but my gut says Michael Vick, the quarterback, I traded away to LOBO in two leagues this season, will lead the Iggles to victory. And so he shall.

Eagles 31, Packers 28.

Chris: Some radical cruelty to animals advocates stage a protest during the game, releasing ten pit bulls on the field during a crucial Eagles drive. Kevin Kolb finishes the game and lobs 3 interceptions despite the fact he only threw two passes.

Packers 31, Eagles 17

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