Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Now That Fantasy Football Is Over

HBFFL has some ideas to pass the time until NFL training camp opens up in July. One thing not to do is make really lame lol pics like the one above.

Do a Puzzle

Okay, who the hell put this one in? A puzzle? Really? While you are at why don’t you invite Grandma over for some pinochle and remind her to bring extra ribbon candy.

Oh and tell her thanks for the Christmas card with the coins in it. No, really, thanks.

Play Fantasy Hockey

Ha ha ha ha. You might as well play fantasy Soccer.

Taunt Your League in the Off Season

So what if you finished ninth? Send your league mates email taunts and verbal jabs declaring how awesome you will be next season.

They will rue the day they beat you by twenty points twice last year. They will probably also issue a restraining order but don’t let obstacles deter you.

Watch Lost

Man what a show, and it’s coming back in a few weeks. I really want to know how Marshall and Holly got off the island. Will the sleestacks be able to find their former home after it got moved by Ben?

No Cha-ka! Don’t eat Walt!

Read our Postseason Predictions

Sure they are not fantasy but they are football. You could even pretend the analysis and predictions are about your fantasy team. You could even dress up like your favorite team mascot while reading them. We might think this is delusional but we tend to be opinionated.

I could go on all day, so why don't you tell us what you plan on doing in the offseason in the comments section? Someone will read them, promise. Okay I think someone will.

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